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last updated: Wed 03/07/18 at 09:33:00 AM by quan


This repository contains extra/backport packages for BeagleBone Black/Green running Debian 9.


  • Python 3.6 (built based on script)

Use case

At AgriConnect, we are building a system to monitor & control mushroom farm based on IoT technologies. We use Python 3.6 to develop software, running in BeagleBone Black board, to control various devices.

We choose Python 3.6 over Python 3.5 because Python 3.6 has better performance, especially when running on an ARM board. But the latest stable version of Debian, "stretch", doesn't contain Python 3.6 in its repo yet, so we rent a bare-metal server to build out .deb files.


  • You can build Python 3.6 from source on your board, but it takes quite a lot of time (days and nights).
  • You can cross-compile on your x86 laptop, but "optimization phase", which brings great performance of Python 3.6, will not occur, because it doesn't support cross-compiling yet.

We are happy to share our work result for any other team to use.

Quick install instructions for: