$ gem install package_cloud

Fetching: package_cloud-0.3.02.gem (100%)
Successfully installed package_cloud-0.3.02
1 gem installed

Install the CLI via RubyGems

What is the CLI?

It's a command-line interface to interact with packagecloud repositories.

Get detailed information on our command-line client, or visit the general docs for more help getting started.

$ package_cloud repository create prod

Looking for repository at prod... success!

Your repository has been created at:

Create a repository

Use the packagecloud CLI to create a repository.

Show me how work

Select a package type to walk‑through:

  • Uploading a package using the CLI
  • Configuring a repository using the installation scripts
  • Package installation
1. Push a package
2. Configure a repo
3.Install a package
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$ package_cloud promote user/repo/node test-0.1.0.tgz user/repo2

Looking for source repository at user/repo...
Looking for destination repository at user/repo2... success!

Attempting to promote:
user/repo/node/1/test-0.1.0.tgz to user/repo2...done!

Move packages

Promote packages between repositories using the CLI.

Quickly move packages between staging and production environments.

Delete packages

Remove a package from a repository using the CLI.

$ package_cloud yank user/repo/node ./tmp/test-0.1.0.tgz

Looking for repository at user/repo...
Attempting to yank package at user/repo/node/1/packagecloud-0.1.0.tgz...done!

Need extra customization?

Use the packagecloud API client for your language of choice


Use the JS client to interact with the packagecloud API. Load repo data on a server, or browser, using the JS client.


Build more robust automation integrations using the Ruby client. Get data and interact with repositories using Ruby.


Use the Java client to interact with the packagecloud API.