Debian source package for varnish

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Debian source package for varnish
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Install the repository -

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=5.2.0-1

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curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=5.2.0-1

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File varnish_5.2.0.orig.tar.gz
MD5 180308d8793318d1b4f8de180a56325a
SHA1 bf67d29588401a1c4ce3dcfd6c1570ac8a2ddede
SHA256 cc4826a0480f49268d3996309e4b7e465151e9a523ccf8ead499ec575149f47e
File varnish_5.2.0-1.dsc
MD5 fc511769f401bc4bf3a14604d078381f
SHA1 f279aaf610df624b9211bdebdf5d7c92fc981a30
SHA256 d663d221c606ef8216b704fa7f82c4eabf5d4fe32fdaf96578c3f552072363ac
File varnish_5.2.0-1.diff.gz
MD5 a3336d87262a4ef17a37c8133421b8c0
SHA1 490e2ac7a66df1d187060ed5c3b0d6df7ea95898
SHA256 05381c48659756d8839bd8dd0c3313ce412c97578cc18ade76d954d0abc921fe


  • automake, autotools-dev, debhelper (>= 9), libedit-dev, libjemalloc-dev, libncurses-dev, libpcre3-dev, libtool, pkg-config, python-docutils, python-sphinx, dh-systemd