Debian source package for varnish

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Debian source package for varnish
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Install the repository -

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=5.1.3-1

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curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=5.1.3-1

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File varnish_5.1.3.orig.tar.gz
MD5 c35e4b634a75b36f5e2e75b2f0af5a39
SHA1 5ba9bbd89ee7de5acdf320e6828a0dbf3bda4270
SHA256 7439c93ca581340f3722b8c790160f46dc6c5328188e4c0bc233c42f3f04a54e
File varnish_5.1.3-1.dsc
MD5 f39daf1c4a6ffd80a18d0f101724025a
SHA1 d1c2c81f36c3e7d4f959826ef51e9803b4054e9f
SHA256 2b7a37e0bee37433baaff9ffe24c72b815e58366530db81ca5349340fca8ce9f
File varnish_5.1.3-1.diff.gz
MD5 ec4a58c12ee3432d67ba94d763ba26ae
SHA1 02f2ff2978c8caef9b1f6231bb6fc22e112cf750
SHA256 ea63afc59937241a50046b251470ce6fbba2409a3059c5ef88b71d0c77c282c5


  • automake, autotools-dev, debhelper (>= 9), libedit-dev, libjemalloc-dev, libncurses-dev, libpcre3-dev, libtool, pkg-config, python-docutils, python-sphinx, dh-systemd