Debian source package for varnish

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Debian source package for varnish
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Install the repository -

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=4.1.9-1

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curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get source varnish=4.1.9-1

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File varnish_4.1.9.orig.tar.gz
MD5 d537dd5a89ad6d6ac77d93f04b2374f8
SHA1 1d41dda2df0e62307565ba0d444269e3e733b6a5
SHA256 22d884aad87e585ce5f3b4a6d33442e3a855162f27e48358c7c93af1b5f2fc87
File varnish_4.1.9-1.dsc
MD5 79d6956b3919e08f496e255fbc828182
SHA1 55e3b4034c5751d4bf6b8e18d0f68c01979de321
SHA256 1ac0f9c85fa7a1bf6213d431c05a89bc85e34c011033d0d154b836e9844fd85b
File varnish_4.1.9-1.diff.gz
MD5 4df4419512cedd0d958528faa2139e3d
SHA1 02879760e43e1fa55c1cce7bc9155f51d04b503e
SHA256 d05883db799d12a94343cbdf629489f3b04078b5f0617465192ab62179a14d02


  • automake, autotools-dev, debhelper (>= 9), libedit-dev, libjemalloc-dev, libncurses-dev, libpcre3-dev, libtool, pkg-config, python-docutils, python-sphinx, dh-systemd