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last updated: Fri 10/27/23 at 12:10:35 AM by swift-arm

Please Note: Swift-Lite is no longer maintained and this repository is for archive purposes only.


Swift-Lite Raspberry Pi Edition

The quickest and easiest way to install and use Swift on your Raspberry Pi.
sudo apt-get install swift-lite-rpi
One install for all Raspberry Pi models.
Works with the lastest Raspbian Buster and Stretch.
Built in support for the GPIO pins with import GPIO.
Easy use of 3rd party Swift Libraries with the built in swift-lite-build utility.


The swift-lite-build utility can be installed seperately and used with any Swift install.
sudo apt-get install swift-lite-build

3rd Party Libraries

3rd party libraries can be installed and used with swift-lite-build on any Swift install .
Use lib-builder to create, install and share Swift Libraries.

Visual Studio Code

Remote edit your swift code with VS Code using the vsedit plugin.

Quick install instructions for: