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last updated: Sun 09/20/20 at 02:21:21 AM by swift-arm

Official Swift-Arm Community Releases

The latest releases from the Swift-Arm Community

Swift - The Swift programming language.

Swift Package Name - NOTE: From version 5.2.4 the swift package name will be swiftlang
Install packages available:-
swiftlang - Full Swift install
swiftlang-min - minimum install of Swift, Core libraries, Foundation and Dispatch
swiftlang-slim - just the Swift runtime

SwiftX - A Swift cli build tool. SwiftX allows you to quickly and easily create Swift applications.

Vapor / Toolbox - A web framework for Swift.

Github - swift-arm64 - swiftx-cli - vapor-tolbox-arm64

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Put some packages in it like this:

  1. Install the package_cloud gem: gem install package_cloud.
    If you don't already have ruby and rubygems installed, click here for instructions.
  2. Run package_cloud push swift-arm/release /path/to/your/package
    (You may have to enter your email address and password if you haven't used the gem before.)
  3. Refresh this page and you should see your package.
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