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Consistent Repositories

We are the only hosted YUM repository that uses checksums for addressing, ensuring that your repositories are always consistent, no matter how frequently they are updated.

SSL only, always.

Our site only works over HTTPS, so there is no chance of a misconfiguration accidentally exposing your repository or packages over plaintext HTTP.

Flexible token authentication

Share your private repositories with others, securely and easily. Our parent/child token system allows you to control access for groups of (or individual) hosts.

Full GPG support

Download and install packages with confidence. All of your repository metadata is signed with a unique GPG key that is generated for every repository.

All packages hosted on S3

We've worked around all of the various bugs that prevent package repositories from working reliably on Amazon S3 so you don't have to.

Distribute packages globally

All of your packages are automatically distributed globally using Fastly's CDN, so packages are downloaded quickly, no matter where you are.

Check out the other package types we support:

Debian Packages

We support the latest features in APT to ensure that your repository is always consistent, no matter how large.

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Maven Repository

No forms to fill out! Upload your Java, Scala, Clojure or Android artifacts from your browser, build tool, or our easy API.

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RubyGem Packages

Bundler API support along with Fastly's global CDN, means you'll never have to wait on bundle install again.

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Python Packages

Full support for eggs, wheels and source distributions. Easy to follow instructions makes using your python repository a breeze.

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