Create a YUM repository in 10 seconds, for free.

SSL, GPG, backups, and more.

Why use packagecloud for YUM repositories?

  • GPG
  • Advanced Authentication
  • End-to-End SSL
  • Chef and Puppet ready
  • Fast command-line upload
  • Robust API
  • Team Collaboration
  • Powerful Tooling
  • CI plugins (Travis, Jenkins, Build Kite)

Use packagecloud to quickly set up secure YUM repositories for RedHat (RPM) packages. Create a packagecloud repository in less than 10 seconds and start pushing RPM packages for any distribution and version of Linux you support (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Enterprise Linux, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, Scientific Linux). There's no limit on the number of package versions you can upload to a packagecloud YUM repository. Make all versions of your software available from a single packagecloud repository.

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