Create a RubyGem repository in 10 seconds, for free.

SSL, GPG, backups, and more.

Why use packagecloud for RubyGem repositories?

  • GPG
  • Advanced Authentication
  • End-to-End SSL
  • Chef and Puppet ready
  • Fast command-line upload
  • Robust API
  • Team Collaboration
  • Powerful Tooling
  • CI plugins (Travis, Jenkins, Build Kite)

Use packagecloud to quickly set up a secure repository for RubyGem packages. Ensure all of your gems are available when you need them by using a packagecloud gem repository. Repositories work with Bundler to help manage all the dependencies for your project. Create a packagecloud repository in less than 10 seconds and start pushing your gems today. There's no limit on the number of package versions you can upload to a packagecloud repository. Make all versions of your software available from a single packagecloud repository. Use the form above and get started today!

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